The Niagara Street Project

Safer, easier, economical – Metro’s Niagara St. Project is 150 years of public transportation experience, combined with 21st century technology, to make the bus the best way to travel one of Buffalo’s most vital and vibrant corridors.


Metro is equipping part of its bus fleet with traffic signal prioritization. Buses on Niagara St. will communicate with traffic lights, giving the buses a green light when necessary. It greatly improves traffic flow and helps Metro stay on time. Predictability benefits everyone, but this is particularly valuable for passengers who need to make a connection to another bus or Metro Rail.

Five of Metro’s new Niagara St. buses will run on compressed natural gas.CNG is the cleanest of the fossil fuels. Burning it produces80 percent less carbon monoxide and45 percent less hydrocarbon emission. With a full bus taking more than 30 cars off the road, transit is already friendly to the environment. CNG makes buses even better.